On this page I've arranged some regularly asked facts about SAT-Master

What is SAT-Master ?

SAT-Master is a program for calculating, positioning and automatical tracking of sat-antennas with an IBM-compatible PC.
It needs an AT-286 with DOS 3.3 und EGA-videocard.


Do you have a test- or shareware of it ?

Yes. Here you can download an old revision of the prog as Shareware v2.5 (384 kB) .


Mars Global SurveyorWhich revision is actual ?

The current available program revision is 2.6_07.


Where do I get SAT-Master ?

There are two different packages of SAT-Master, which are only differing in their supported rotor- interfaces.

The AMSAT-Release supports the AMSAT-Interface IF-100/PC at a parallel and the Kenpro-Interface CS-23 at a serial port. The Kenpro- Interface is still under construction.

This Release is available at

or direct at its Author

AMSAT-DL e.V. Warenvertrieb
Martin Blanz
- DL9SAD -
Liegnitzer Straße 70
D-71701 Schwieberdingen
Fax: +49-7150-397978

Hans Schulze
- DB1HZ -
Lohbrügger Landstr. 1
D-21031 Hamburg

The current price is 25 Euro (or any else equal free convertible currency). The manual has been added as a file on the program-disk.
2/3 of the resulting money will go to the AMSAT-DL.

The EGIS-Release additional supports the EGIS-Interface (Nitec-Device EPS-103) at a serial port.

This Release is only available at


EGIS Equipment GmbH
Große Flutstraße 40
D-63071 Offenbach


This package contains a (german) manual with more than 50 pages..
Please ask there for current conditions (please do not eMail me- I don't know!).


Does the program work with ...

DOS 7.0 ?

Yes,if all necessary ressources are available.

Windows 3.x ?

Yes. SAT-Master is running as a DOS-task on Windows 3.x. Maybe you've to edit the PIF-file coming with the program.

Windows 95/98 ?

Yes. SAT-Master is running as a DOS-task on Windows 95. Switch to full-size video in setup - video-options.

Windows NT ?

Yes. SAT-Master has to be installed as a DOS-program.
Never heard about problems with NT 3.,51.
I myself use NT 4.0 as environment for developing my progs. Select videooption to full-screen. Direct access to printerports with NT4 is critical and may cause timing-trouble during antenna-rotation..

Windows 2000 ?

Yes. Switch to full-size video in setup - video-options. Please report any errors!

OS/2 Warp ?

The program-desktop will run well as a DOS-task. I don't know about correct running of antenna-rotation.


I want a current manual !

Possible. The (german) manual of version 2.5.08 (62 kB) as RTF/ARJ for Word 95/97/98 is here available.

The german Documentation of version 2.6 now also ONLINE !


My program starts with a runtime error 200 !?

This is a known bug of the borland compiler library. A fixup is now available.
If you use an EGIS-compilation, please contact the programmer for a free update.

DOWNLOAD (220 kB) of update for AMSAT-compilation
Copy this file into the folder of SAT-Master and run it.
Warning: will not work with revisions before 2.5 !


Where do I find current elements ?

Have a look at the official element-page of AMSAT-NA.


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SAT-Master is a Trademark of DB1HZ. The MGS-pic has been ripped from NASA site.
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